Welcome to the DBT Path Blog!

Welcome to the DBT Path blog!  DBT is an online health education company that provides entirely online Dialectical Behavior Therapy classes to students around the world.

Our classes are facilitated by Peer Eductor, Debbie Corso, the voice behind the blog Healing From BPD, based in San Francisco, CA.

Live classes are held for 60-90 minutes a week (depending on the course chosen), and each class runs for four consecutive weeks.

What you can expect to find here (coming soon!):

  • DBT Videos
    Videos with practical application of DBT skills for typical difficult situations that we may encounter that cause us to feel emotionally dysregulated

  • Student's Viewpoint
    Blog posts from our students on their experiences with applying the lessons they learn in our online classes to their lives as they build lives worth living and see REAL change

  • Recommended Materials
    Reblogging of materials we find on the net regarding DBT that we feel are helpful as well as reviews of other sites, books, and DBT related materials

  • More!

 Be sure to visit our official website, www.DBTpath.net to learn about and sign up for our classes.

 We look forward to sharing with you in our next post.

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